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What Others Say About Our Company…

We know it can be overwhelming working with strangers especially where selling your house is involved! Please check out our testimonials from other satisfied clients.  We can provide you with direct references if you have any questions about going through the process from people who have been through the process.  We buy your house directly from you for cash, no realtor, and while there are several investors you can choose from we are local, honest, and trustworthy.

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They were very professional and handled the sale of our home professionally.  I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to sell their home.  We were very pleased with their service. Cory and Neal worked hard to negotiate through a short sale.  They stayed on top of all parties involved to make sure everything would be done in an expeditious manner.  While the transaction took awhile, it would have taken a lot longer without their excellent help.  I would highly recommend.

- J. Davis

My family and I were very fortunate to have Neal and Cory Barnett on our team to weather the gamut of emotions we experienced throughout the whole process. Our house story was a roller coaster ride but  Neal & Cory were there every step of the way.

- C. Hill

The process working with Neal Barnett in selling my house was very painless. I was told that the mortgage and any other payments would be paid by them until the house was sold and I would receive my money the day he took over. Everything he said went exactly like he said and was quick. It made my tough situation easier to deal with knowing I would not have to worry about anything with the house the minute I signed the paperwork turning the house over to him and his company. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else needed to sell a house quickly and painlessly.

- K. Owens