How To Make Your Move As Easy As Possible In Garner

Most of us have to move (or already have moved) several times throughout our adult lives, and moving is never fun. Since 1980, according to Census Bureau data, 43 million Americans have moved every year. Still, no matter how often you’ve done it and how experienced you are, moving remains chaotic and stressful and often expensive. But there are ways to make it go a lot better – even very small things that can impact the larger processes. So here’s how to make your move as easy as possible in Garner.

Use Spreadsheets

Because every move involves a multitude of details and difficult logistics, a first step to make your move as easy as possible in Garner is to use spreadsheets. This will allow you far more control over the myriad details and will help you stay organized during both packing and unpacking. Remember, small bits of information carefully and methodically entered is the way to do it – just like eating an elephant . . . one bite at a time.

Keep an Eye on the Small Stuff

Another way to make your move as easy as possible is by keeping track of all those little items that make the job so much easier later on. For example, know where you’ve packed your picture hangers to make hanging pictures much easier when you get to your new home. And keep packing supplies organized and in one place.

Use Color-Coded Packing Tape

Color coding boxes is a great way to make your move as easy as possible in Garner. And a fast and easy way to color code is by using packing tape in different colors. This provides a faster and easier way to identify contents than just writing on the boxes

Hire an Experienced, Reputable Mover

Sure, you’ll need a mover, but an experienced, reputable mover makes all the difference. Professional movers with the requisite knowledge and experience can move your belongings faster and far more safely. And if you want to save money, you can do most of the packing yourself and leave the big stuff like furniture for the movers.

Check Out Your New Living Space

A big part of moving is unpacking and setting up your new living space. So a good way to make your move as easy as possible in Garner is to scope out that new house before you start carting stuff n. That way you won’t wind up with rooms packed with stacks of boxes while you try to figure out where everything goes. If you check out your new living space beforehand, you will already know where everything should go.

Pack Overnight Bags

You also need to be prepared for the unexpected, so have everyone pack an overnight bag. This will get them through a night or two if your boxes with the essentials don’t arrive on time or you are unable to unpack them right away. You will still be able to rest well and tackle everything fresh when you need to

Delay Big Deliveries

A seldom used but highly effective tactic to make your move as easy as possible in Garner is to delay delivery of larger items like refrigerators and couches for a few days to a week. You may have to sit on the floor for a while, but you won’t have to try to squeeze the big stuff in while you still have unpacked boxes all around. Doing a big job like this in stages is always more manageable.

Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself

If you really want to make your move as easy as possible in Garner, don’t try to do everything yourself. Call on friends and family and get the professional moving help you need. For example, is it really cheaper to make several trips across town in your pickup (and have to pay for food and fuel) than it is to hire a professional mover?

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