Great Ways To Let People Know You Are Moving In Garner

Moving is always stressful, usually chaotic, and often strewn with forgotten tasks. Just make sure that you don’t forget to let people know you are moving. You have to let the important people in your life – and, yes, that includes the ones you have to send money to every month – know about your move and your new contact information. So let’s dig into some great ways to let people know you are moving in Garner.

Who Needs to Know You Are Moving

This may seem obvious, but often these important people are left off the list. Here’s a rundown of the people who need to know about your move:

  • Immediate Family – This is a no-brainer, but sometimes we simply assume they know when they may in fact not be aware.
  • Friends and Neighbors – The next group to inform in your process to let people know you are moving in Garner includes friends and neighbors. This, too, may seem obvious, but in all the chaos and busy-ness of moving, these people sometimes get left out.
  • Landlord – If you’re renting, you definitely need to let your landlord know you are moving – even if your lease expires and you are paid up. Otherwise, your landlord may assume you are still in the rental when in fact it is just sitting there unoccupied and costing her money.
  • Employer’s HR Department – If you want important work documents like W2s and insurance papers to come to your new address, then you need to make sure, when you let people know you are moving in Garner, to inform the HR folks at your place of employment.
  • Governmental Agencies – It may be distasteful, but all those governmental agencies like the IRS and DMV must know about your move.
  • Utility and Service Companies – When you let people know you are moving in Garner, don’t neglect all the companies that provide you essential services – that is, if you want to keep the lights, water, cable, and Internet on.
  • Post Office – Certainly, you know that letting people know you are moving in Garner includes the post office, but you may not be aware that one of the best ways to do this is by paying for a three-month mail-forwarding service.

How to Let Them Know You Are Moving

There are many ways to let people know you are moving in Garner, but some of the easiest and most effective are:


Mail is far from dead, and many people still prefer a personalized letter, note, or card delivered to their mailbox. You can even create moving-themed stationery on your computer to make those moving announcements fun and appealing.


Then there are those people who have gone totally digital, and for them, an email announcement would be more appropriate. An email with an interesting graphic will catch their eye and stick in the memory. Be sure to take a look at Pinterest for inspiration.


Social media is a great way to let people know you are moving in Garner. Just post an announcement on your Facebook page and then tag all your friends.


A fun way to say goodbye to neighbors and friends and let them know you’re moving is to hold a moving/farewell party combined with a packing party. You can have a good time, say goodbye, and get some of that dreaded packing done all at the same time.


Make videos of your moving progress, filming packed boxes and the changing interior and exterior of your home. Then you can post these videos on places like your website (if you have one) and YouTube to let people know you are moving.

Call on Your Agent

Keep in mind that your real estate agent can help you let people know you are moving in Garner, as well as pointing you toward the moving professionals you’ll need for a smooth move. Be sure to call on your local agent’s expertise when it’s time to move.

So, if you’re ready to let people know and get on with the move, contact us today! (919) 300-5355.

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