3 Wise Reasons to Buy a Home in the Spring in Garner

Each season offers certain advantages and disadvantages to home buyers. Unfortunately, many people don’t approach their home buying with any kind of strategy, especially when it comes to the buying season. So when is the best time to buy a home? The best answer to that depends on a host of variables, including the buyer’s unique personal … Continued

How To Effectively Carry Two Mortgages in NC

The question of carrying two mortgages usually arises in one of two common scenarios. First, you currently own a home you’re living in and want to buy another home. But you haven’t been able to sell your current home before you have to buy the other one. Second, you have a mortgage on the home … Continued

How To Help Your Kids Adjust To A Move In Garner

In many ways and in lots of situations, kids are far more resilient and adaptable than adults are – except when it comes to moving. It may be exciting for you, but probably not so much for your kids. They will be leaving a familiar school environment, their friends, the familiar places where they hang … Continued

5 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze in Garner

Moving into a new home involves several emotional stages starting with the joyous fantasies of a new place and a fresh start. The joy usually becomes stressful hopelessness in a sea of messiness trying to get everything organized, packed and cleaned. Moving experts rely on simple tricks to make getting out of one place and … Continued

3 Tips for Moving With Your Pets In Garner

Few things in life are as stressful as moving – not only for the people who have to endure the rigors and anxiety and uprooting of the move but for their pets as well. If you’re a pet owner, you know that most dogs and cats don’t tolerate change well. And moving hundreds of miles … Continued

Should You Buy a Condo or Single-Family Home in Garner?

Should you buy a condo or single-family home in ? The answer to that question depends, of course, on what you want – your preferences and your needs. Both condos and single-family homes have their pros and cons. Either way you go, it’s a big purchase that you’ll be paying on for a long time, to you … Continued

How To Choose a Good Buyer’s Agent in Garner

A buyer’s agent is, of course, a real estate agent who works solely for the buyer rather than the seller, ideally looking out for the best interests of the buyer.Buyer’s agents work on a commission contracted in the listing agreement, usually splitting it with the listing agent. And therein lies the problem. It often happens … Continued

6 Ways to Save Money to Buy a New House in Garner

Now that the housing market has rebounded and with interest rates relatively low, this is a very good time to consider buying a new house. And the best time to start saving for that big purchase is, well, yesterday or last month or, better yet, last year. But it’s never too late to start if … Continued

3 Pros of Buying a New Construction House in Garner

There’s something about being the first one to own and live in a brand new home – the first to park your car in the garage, the first to barbeque in the backyard, the very first decorate it your way. Beyond that, though, many people are hurrying to buy new construction houses in order to … Continued